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Enrolments for 2022 Macedonian Language Classes Now Open

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The Macedonian Community Language School wishes to advise that enrolments for 2022 Macedonian language classes are now open.

Macedonian Language classes are available for school age children and adults.
Classes for school age students will be held on Tuesdays from 5pm to 6.30pm.

Classes for adults will be held at a time which is mutually convenient to the students and the Teacher.
Correspondence can be made via email to the following address:

National Principles For Child Safe Organisations

The Macedonian Community Language School promotes a child safe environment where students are valued and protected. This is embedded in the School’s culture and is the responsibility of all stakeholders, including Board members, administrative staff, parents and volunteers to support the well-being of our children.

As part of Government’s national statement, the Macedonian Community Language School has adopted the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and encourages parents and carers to familiarise themselves with the practices. A copy of the Western Australian National Principles for Child Safe Organisations can be found at Additionally, a hard copy version of the National Principles is available in the school classroom for all to access, including a poster display of the 10 principles on the wall. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these standards.

Furthermore, as part of the Child Safe Organisation initiative, we are pleased to advise that our teaching staff have accessed relevant tools and resources, including e-learning modules to help in its implementation.

The Macedonian Community Language School recognises the importance of promoting the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people and will undertake regular reviews to ensure that these principles are upheld in our school.

Macedonian Community Language School Board



The Macedonian Community Language School is the largest single provider of Macedonian language classes in Perth, Western Australia.

The Macedonian Community Language School provides Macedonian language to multi age and ability school age children and adults with little or no background language.

The main aims of the Macedonian Community Language School is to provide language and culture to all individuals irrespective of their background, religion or gender.

The School’s program delivers face to face teaching. Classes are held after hours (Weekdays/Saturday). Classes are not held during school holidays, on public holidays or on long weekends when a public holiday falls on a Saturday or a Monday.

Classes are held at the Macedonian Community Centre, 51 Albert Street, North Perth, Western Australia.

New School Charter

The School Board

Aim The aim of the School Board is to ensure the effective operation of the Macedonian Community Language School. Its role is to provide strategic advice through systematic monitoring and review processes.

Kathleen Lazaridis Chair

Philip Paioff Deputy Chair

Vick Lazarov School Coordinator/Principal

Honi Adolphson Parent Representative

Radoslav Radeski Community Representative

John Ailakis Teacher (Adult Classes)

Jovanka Jakovceska Teacher (K-12)

Maja Bogdanoska Teacher (K-12)

Board members are eligible for reappointment. Board Meetings Board meetings are scheduled quarterly.




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